Baby seats for Porsche 911s

A common question I get asked is “Will a baby seat fit in the back of a Porsche 911 or 944”. It’s a good one but not easy to answer. My children are teenagers now and when they were little baby seats were so much smaller, and pretty much any would fit in the back of our 911.

Today, though, modern legislation has made baby seats substantially larger, to the extent that many won’t fit in the small seats in the back of two-plus-two Porsches such as 911s. There are, though, some which fit; it’s just a case of trying some to find out.

I was, then, delighted to receive an email from a customer who bought a 996 Cabriolet from us some time ago. He had sourced a pair of baby seats and was keen to share the information. Here’s a copy of his email:

“I have two boys – 27 months and 13 months – and have spent a long time trying to find baby seats which will fit the 996 cab.

“The only ones that fit (non Porsche) are Britax Elite Two ways, £220 each from In Car Safety Centre in Milton Keynes. They’re the only UK distributors.

“They fit the rear seats well whilst still allowing my wife and I to travel comfortably and without being squashed against the windscreen!

“I think it’s worth you doing something on it if only to push the message that having babies is not a barrier to owning a 996 or even 997.”

Great information which also applies to other Porsches, such as classic 911s and 944s; although it would be worth checking the baby seat fits your particular model.


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