Porsche 964 Anniversary sells for top money

The Porsche 964 Anniversary was a limited edition 911 built in 1993 to celebrate 30 years of the Porsche 911. It’s rare to see them come up for sale – I’ve only ever sold one – so I was intrigued when one appeared in the UK classifieds.

Car number 170 had done under 40,000 miles – low for any 964 these days – and appeared to be in beautiful condition. I did think that the asking price of £40,000 was a little optimistic, even for such a low-mileage example, as the last one I saw was closer to £25,000. However, I have just received an email from the 964 Jubi registrar in Germany to say that the car had sold in just two days!

Further proof that 964s prices are on the up.

The Anniversary was based on the 964 Carrera 4 of the day but with the wide Turbo-style front and rear wings. It didn’t, though, have a fixed Turbo rear spoiler, but retained the Carrera’s retractable item. Neither did the Anniversary feature Turbo suspension or brakes; these items were lifted straight from the Carrera 4.

Most of the 911 cars built were finished in Viola Metallic, although some were Polar Silver Metallic.  The seats were finished in light Rubicon Grey leather and this material also covered the dash, door panels and centre console.

Each car was given a unique number, starting at 001. This number was stamped on a plaque on the rear shelf, together with the words ‘Limited Edition’ and ‘30 Jahre 911’ (30 years 911). This was visible from the outside of the car but  on the other side of the plaque, the ‘30 Jahre 911’ was repeated in reverse, so that the driver could read it in the rear-view mirror. There was an alloy-topped gearlever and ‘911’ badges embroidered into the carpet on the backs of the rear seats, plus a silver-finished ‘911 30 Jahre’ badge on the engine compartment cover.

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  1. Robert

    I wish that I’d bought that last Anniversary model you had for sale that I was very tempted with – still love the 964 I bought albeit not the one I really wanted.

    1. Phil

      That’s now in Hong Kong – I’m still in contact with the owner. A lovely car.

  2. Robert

    Yes, I saw the article in Total 911 about that car – and thought, yes, that could have been mine!

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