Specialist Car transportation and storage

Do you need your vehicle transporting in the UK or Europe? Philip Raby Specialist Cars offers top-quality transport in our Woodford Galaxy covered trailer or our open trailer from and to anywhere in the UK and beyond. We pride ourselves on a bespoke service and take extreme care with your vehicle. We are fully insured at all times.

Please call 01243 780389 or use the contact form below to get a quote. Be sure to include your make and model, dates and where you want your vehicle collected and delivered. 

We also offer car storage at our secure facilities close to Chichester. Prices start at £100 a month plus VAT. Please get in touch for details.  

The trailers


Our Woodford Galaxy enclosed trailer is top of the range to ensure we can cater for all cars and all distances without compromise. 

The trailer features: LED lights so your car can be collected or delivered at any time of day, light or dark; Six wheels, also known as triple axle, to ensure stability and safety; Electric winch to allow cars to be loaded and unloaded carefully, and to load and unload cars that won’t run; Tilt bed, allowing for the lowest of supe cars to be transported safely without the risk of damage during unloading or loading, including assister ramps allowing a 1.5 degree loading angle; Aluminium full length double tie-down rails allowing all configurations of wheelbase to be fastened securely; Shock absorbers on all wheels reducing vibrations on the load; Stainless tailgate with heavy duty clamps and locks.

The bed of the trailer is 18′ x 7’8″ and, as a result, can cater for nearly everything. If you think your car doesn’t fit these dimensions, please let us know as we have access to larger trailers.


Our Woodford flatbed trailer is based on the same chassis as our enclosed trailer. Being a lighter trailer and without the restrictions of height, our flatbed is better suited to your larger cars, such as SUVs. 

Our routes

We are based on the south coast of England in West Sussex and near Goodwood. We will deliver your car form anywhere to anywhere in the UK. Our location on the south coast makes us ideal long for north to south trips within the UK, but also leaves us perfectly placed for trips over into continental Europe. Essentially, we operate anywhere you require us to, long or short routes.

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"I have had a number of cars transported by Will on many occasions on behalf of me and my customers, some without glass and some complete restorations, they've delivered a 5 star service every single time."
Chris Heath
Project Manager