Stranded on Jersey with a Porsche 993 Carrera S

Sometimes, when things don’t go according to plan, they work out out better than expected.

The other day, I had to travel to Jersey in the Channel Islands once again, this time to pick up a Porsche 993 Carrera S. The plan was to fly out in the afternoon, collect the car and come back on the overnight ferry. Easy.

However, the weather wasn’t playing ball. The flight out, I have to admit, was scary – a little 16-seater plane that was pummelled by the gale-force winds. Once I got to Jersey, the extent of the weather became apparent – the ferry from Portsmouth had been stuck outside St Helier harbour for 24 hours as the captain deemed it too dangerous to enter the harbour. Waves of 35-foot in height had been reported.

This meant that my ferry back to Portsmouth was cancelled so I’d nothing to do but stay on Jersey for the day. No real hardship as it’s one of my favourite places. I met up with friends for a meal then headed off in the Porsche for a tour of the island, visited old haunts and new ones, and taking photos. I also popped into the island’s Porsche Centre to be greeted by, well, nothing. Not one of the sales people made an effort to approach me!

The Carrera S with its Tiptronic transmission was ideal for the narrow and sedate Jersey roads and I had a thoroughly pleasant time before finally boarding the ferry home.

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  1. Adam Foxton

    There are worse places to be stuck (by the sound of it – never been there) and much worse cars to be “stuck” with! Lucky bugger you 🙂

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