Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System


One of my pet hates is modern radio head units in classic Porsches – the silver-faced things with flashing LED displays and lots of fiddly buttons. They just look and feel wrong in older Porsches.

However, try using a period radio, perhaps with a cassette player, and you’ll soon appreciate how far technology has moved on. What’s needed, then, is a modern head-unit that fits in perfectly with the appearance of a classic Porsche.

Porsche has risen to the challenge with the Classic Radio Navigation System which fits any Porsche with a standard DIN slot (up to the 993, then). This has a retro look about it, with its twin knobs and matt black finish. It’s not a true facsimile of an old car radio, though, as the screen is larger than you’d have found a few years ago.

Switch it on and it’s far from retro, with a full colour touchscreen, USB socket, Bluetooth phone connection, CD player and RDS radio.

It’s all fairly simple to operate. The touchscreen isn’t up to iPhone standards but there’s also a remote control you can use for entering addresses. I tried the system in a 993 and, to be honest, the unit looks a little too retro in that car but, then again, it’s better than the aforementioned techno nightmares. Also, the unit protrudes further from the dash than I’d like.

On the whole, though, it’s the perfect addition to any classic Porsche, and is sensibly priced at £590 from your local Porsche Centre.

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  1. Paul Truckle

    I agree with everything said. There’s nothing more vulgar than a silver stereo face in an older 911. Mine’s black and not too flashy, so not quite so obvious thank god. This one is too retro for a 993 though.

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