What’s a Porsche worth?

Valuing a Porsche can be difficult, especially if it’s a rare and/or older car. You can’t simply look up a value in Glass’s Guide. It’s a case of looking at similar cars on the market, talking to other experts, drawing on experience and, in part, sucking and seeing.

So many things will influence the value of a Porsche, including mileage, condition, service history, colour, specification, number of owners, desirability, rarity, how desperate you are to sell and, well, what someone’s prepared to pay for it.

I never make assumptions, though. Some people will tell you that, in the case of 996s, Aerokits, Savanna interiors and Tiptronic transmissions are all negative points. However, I once had a 996 with all those things and it sold in days – to someone looking for exactly that specification. I argue that if someone specced a car as such new, they’ll be someone else out with the same taste. And there usually is.

Once, I posted about a Porsche 964 Turbo that I was selling for just £24,995. Someone quickly suggested that the car was too cheap and must have ‘hidden problems’. An interesting comment but if I was hiding anything (something I’d never do), then why would I be selling it cheap? Surely I’d be more likely to be asking top money if I was pretending the car was perfect. 🙂

No, the reason this Turbo was priced so attractively was two-fold. One, it was a high mileage example and buyers of these cars love low mileage. That said, it had extensive engine work. Two, my client – the car’s owner – was keen to sell the Porsche quickly and offering a car at an attractive price is a good way to ensure that. Both genuine reasons and great news for someone wanting to pick up a good deal.


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