Top Porsche blog posts of 2012

This Porsche blog has been been a surprise hit during 2012, with many more readers than the magazine I used to run. Here are the top nine (well, it is a Porsche blog) blog posts of the year, in terms of numbers of traffic. Click the links to read the full stories.

1, Another cool garage for your Porsche

2, Apple is following Porsche’s design philosophy

3, The new Porsche 911 Targa

4, Porsche Boxster, Cayman, 996 and 997 engines – the truth

5, Porsche unveils the Panamera Sport Turismo estate car

6, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche dies

7, Making a Porsche 996 look like a 997

8, Is a written off Porsche 996 Turbo a good buy?

9, Time to invest in a classic Porsche 911


Of course, the way the internet works means that all these blog posts and more will remain live and accessible to Google searches, so these ratings will evolve over time. For now, though, a Happy New Year to all our followers and do please keep in touch during 2013 – the Porsche 911’s 50th anniversary!

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