Collecting Porsches from around Britain


Most weeks see me heading off somewhere, usually by train, to collect a Porsche that we are taking into stock. Of course, we could just use a transport company to move cars around but I much prefer to do it myself, for two reasons.

First, I enjoy travelling and driving. Usually, it’s within England, but occasionally I’ve been over to the Channel Islands (which is always a treat) and next week I’m flying up to Aberdeen to collect a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S.

Second, and more importantly, an extended drive gives me an excellent opportunity to assess a Porsche and really get to know it, something that I believe is important when I’m selling a car.


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  1. Will Ellingham

    At once the perfect program for assessment and enjoyment of your Porsches. Great to enjoy your chosen work. Well said, Philip!

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