The world’s first in-Porsche sat-nav?

Sat-navs are commonplace these days – you even have them on mobile phones. However, back in 1997, they were still considered state of the art and Porsche had yet to offer one as a optional extra.

So this caught my eye today. It was inside a 993 and, apparently, the car’s first owner had paid a lot of money to have it professionally installed. It looks like a factory installation with the correct leather trim around and fits in perfectly with the 993 cockpit.

The unit is controlled by a rotary switch positioned behind the handbrake lever and, amazingly, it still works perfectly, with a very well spoken female voice giving directions.

Now, with the later 996 I often advise people to take out the PCM satnav because it’s so dated and it’s hard to get replacement mapping CDs for. However, in this case, it’s great that this aftermarket accessory has remained with the car. It’s very much part of the Porsche’s history and, as far as I know, it’s unique. Fantastic!

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