Sometimes it’s best not to sell your Porsche

I’ve just had a phone conversation with a chap wanting to know what his early Porsche 997 Carrera S was worth. It’s hard to give a figure over the phone but I suggested a market value from about £25,000 to £30,000. He agreed that this was the figure he’d had in mind and we then chatted on.

He asked what Porsches weren’t going to lose him money, and I suggested an air-cooled 911, maybe a 993 or 964. But he said he’d had a 3.2 Carrera and didn’t like the offset pedals or fixed steering wheel – he could never get comfortable.

We chewed over various options and came to the conclusion that, actually, is best plan was to keep the car and enjoy driving it. In another three years time, it could be worth, say, £20,000, so he’d not be losing that much more money, and it would cheaper than changing.

As the old adage goes – the best used car is the one you already own!

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