Porsches – you really do get attached to them!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sell Porsches to make money – of course I do. However, that’s not the only reason – I also love being involved in Porsches, driving them, cleaning them, talking to owners, and helping people make the right choice of Porsche for them.

Also, I have to confess that, every Porsche I sell, I get a little bit attached to emotionally. That may sound odd when they pass through my hands regularly, but I really do, and feel sad when one leaves. Let me explain by looking at some of the Porsches I have in stock at the moment and why I like each one.

911 Turbo Targa

This is a Porsche that has really got under my skin, but in a good way. It’s very rare, as Porsche only made a Targa version of the Turbo in 1988 and 1989 – it’s one of less than 300 worldwide. I love these rare and quirky 911s, especially ones from the 1980s, my favourite decade. Every time I look at this car I get a shiver of excitement; its wide arches, Fuchs wheels, black trim – it all looks so eighties. It even has a period ‘Roger Clark Cars’ window sticker and tax disc holder! Part of me is tempted to keep it and tuck it away as a long-term investment, because it can only go up in value. I love it! Click for more.


996 Carrera 4

I collected this Porsche with my ten-year-old son. Now, I have to admit that young Jonny is pretty complacent about Porsches – anything less than a GT2 RS doesn’t excite him as he sees so many. However, even he was impressed by this Porsche: “Can we buy this one dad?” he asked as we drove home.

He seemed to know it was a good car – and he was right. So many 996s are neglected and unloved but this one has clearly been cherished. It drives as a 911 should and the switchable Sports exhaust makes it sound like one too. Part of me wonders why you’d want to spend twice as much on a 997! Click for more.


964 Turbo

I’ve long been a big 964 fan so this Turbo was a car I just had to have. Now, 964 Turbo prices have been increasing in the last year or so and most are just expensive for the average enthusiast. Not this car – it’s done a highish mileage but has had a top-end rebuild so it’s well sorted. Indeed, it drives beautifully – floor the throttle and that big turbocharger wakes up and hurls you towards the horizon. Fantastic! It’s a good looking car – not concours, I’ll admit – but a sound, honest example that is a lot of fun. Click for more.


993 Carrera S

Just look at the rear end of this Porsche! Have you seen a better backside? With its wide arches and that unique split engine lid, this is my favourite 911 posterior of all time. Made only in 1997, the Carrera S is a rare and sought after car, and not just for that rear. Being one of the last air-cooled 911s, it’s always going to be a collectors’ item. The example is particularly good – so good, in fact, that it was sold by an Official Porsche Centre last year, and it’s rare for them to sell cars over three years old. Click for more.


996 Carrera 4

This Porsche left me lost for words when it arrived. It’s in absolutely stunning condition! I love 964s and this has to be the best I’ve come across. The last owner spent over £10,000 on a full engine rebuild and lots of other work – if something needed doing, he had it done, regardless of cost. The result speaks for itself. OK, it’s not cheap but whoever buys this Porsche will do so safe in the knowledge it shouldn’t need anything money putting into it. Another good investment. Click for more.

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