Porsches in northern France

Sorry for the lack of blog entries, I’m been away on holiday in Normandy, northern France, with my family.

It’s always good to switch off from work for a few days but, I have to admit, I couldn’t avoid keeping my eyes open for Porsches.

The American Film Festival was on in Deauville and this attracted France’s rich and famous, and an unfeasible number of Panameras, a Porsche that is growing on me the more I see them. There really were loads of these, followed by late-model Cayennes and a sprinkling of 997 Turbos.

Older Porsches were few and far between, although I did see this 964 Cabriolet on French plates, and a similar coupe from Holland. Finally, coming off the ferry into Portsmouth I caught a fleeting glimpse of a lovely looking yellow pre-73 911 with a British registration.

Now, back to work…

A tidy 964 Cabriolet down a typical French side street

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