Special edition Porsche 911 celebrates 60 years

While Britain celebrates 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II, Porsche is also marking a 60th anniversary.

In 1952, 13 Porsche drivers founded the world’s first Porsche clubs in Germany. Today, there are some 181,000 Porsche club members around the world.

To mark the anniversary, Porsche has produced a special edition 911 Club Coupe. Based on the 991 Carrera S, the car boasts a 430bhp PowerKit, SportDesign bodykit, 20-inch SportTechno wheel,  special interior trim (including illuminated door sills – pictured) and ‘911 Club Coupe site decals. The cars will be finished in the bizarrely named Brewster Green, which is said to be similar to the colour that member of the Porsche family like their cars to be.

Just 13 examples of the Porsche 911 Club Coupe will be made and one will remain in the hands of Porsche (presumably at the museum). The remaining 12 will be offered to Porsche Club members worldwide (except for China and India). But with a potential market of 181,000 members how will they be allocated? By means of a prize draw. But don’t get your hopes up – the 12 lucky winners will still have to pay for their cars, which are priced in Germany at 142,831 euro excluding VAT.

Of course, it’s not the first special edition Porsche 911 but with just 12 being sold worldwide it is certainly one of the most exclusive. Does that make it a good investment? It’s hard to say. In the past, some supposed special editions haven’t fared any better than standard models, usually because Porsche produced so many of them. This car doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking or unique (apart from the badging) and you could easily spec a similar 911 yourself. In that respect, then, it’s not like a 997 Sport Classic or Speedster which, even though they were made in larger numbers, offer something other 911s couldn’t and so will always remain sought after. I wouldn’t bet money on the Club Coupe being an in-demand collectors’ item in the future but, who knows?

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