Sports exhaust – a great Porsche 996 option

One of the most desirable and asked-for options for Porsche 996s is the Sports Exhaust system – and for good reason too.

To comply with modern noise regulations the standard exhaust on the 996 is necessarily quiet, which means that the car doesn’t have that trademark 911 soundtrack. So Porsche offered an optional switchable Sports Exhaust system. Press a button on the dash and the exhaust note immediately becomes raspier and just slightly louder – it sounds great, in other words!

Usually, the system is in quiet mode by default but a simple modification can be made which makes the exhaust louder as standard and, by pressing the button, it becomes quiet. That’s the way to have it!

Click here for details of a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S with Sports exhaust.

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  1. Robert Bill

    Just being a pedant, Phil… the official PSE is not in quiet mode by default. It defaults to loud mode, but in factory fit form will switch to quiet mode on the dash switch (light on for quiet) and/or between speeds of around 30-50mph. The mod you mention, the ‘diode snip’ (very easy to do), just gets rid of the automatic switching between these speeds, but still allows the user to make it quiet or loud on the dash switch.

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