Porsche 997 Sport Classic replica

The moment I set eyes on the gorgeous Porsche 911 Sport Classic, I fell in love. Everything from the battleship grey paint to the ducktail rear spoiler and Fuchs lookalike wheels looked just right to me, as did the retro brown leather interior. And that was before I even drove it. What a car!

Of course, with production limited to 250 and a price tag of over £140,000 there was no way I was ever going to own a Porsche Classic, but it did occur to me that replicas would surely be appearing very quickly.

Oddly, it’s taken longer than I thought for Sport Classic copies to hit the roads, and one of the first comes from UK based Design 911. Annoyingly, a broken arm meant I was unable to see this car before it headed for its new home in Holland, although partners in crime John Glynn and Ali Cusick made the trip to Essex to take a look at this great pretender.

They came away impressed with the result and here are a couple of Ali’s great photos of the car. I like the idea of doing something similar myself, although I’d want to start off with a wide-bodied Carrera 4, preferably with a brown interior, so it’s closer to the real thing. That said, I also like the idea of taking the Sport Classic look with a different colour scheme – imagine it in, say, Blood Orange or Carrara White. The possibilities are endless and a Sport Classic inspired car could be more successful than trying but failing to emulate the real mccoy.


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  1. Ranjit

    Hi Guys. This looks great! How much would I expect to pay for a conversion?


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