A Porsche for Christmas

Christmas is coming but what’s in your stocking? If you’re fed up with socks and novelty ties, why not treat yourself to a Porsche for Christmas?

Can’t afford one? Think again, we have a wide range in stock with prices starting at well under £10,000. What’s more, unlike most modern cars, a Porsche will hold its value – it may even go up – so you don’t have to worry about depreciation. A Porsche can be better than money in the bank.

Please click here to see our full stock and do please get in touch for impartial advice on Porsche ownership. Life’s too short not to have some fun!


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  1. Kevin Halsey

    There were times when 365 owners spat feathers in anger when they saw the new 911.
    911 owners were dismayed at the advent of the Audi badged Porsche (924). But hey these cars now have a following.
    Although i’m no great fan of the 996 with it’s teardrop headlamps, i’m sure someone in the next 20 years will find a passion for it.
    After a certain age all quality and well maintained Porsches only increase in value.
    IMO now’s the time to buy a good 924, 944 or 928. Good ones won’t get any cheaper. It’s better than money in the bank at the moment!

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