Porsche 993 Turbo values

Porsche 993 Turbo - one of the great 911s but is it an investment?
Porsche 993 Turbo – one of the great 911s but is it an investment?

I’ve just been asked if I think a Porsche 993 Turbo is a good investment.

That’s a tricky one. Porsche 993 Turbo prices have been on a high for some time, with good low mileage examples being around £60,000. That’s up on a few years ago but prices seems to have stabilised now.

I can’t see any big jumps in prices in the short term, as the cars are expensive now, but longer term I am sure that 993 Turbo prices will go up.

However, as with most Porsches, if you want a good investment you need to buy the best you can. And that means low mileage and great original condition. There are higher mileage 993 Turbos out there for £40,000 or less and by all means by one so you can own and enjoy your ultimate dream Porsche, but don’t expect collectors to be opening their cheque books for you when the time comes to sell.

Some people are put off by the perceived costs of running a Porsche 993 Turbo but if you buy one that’s been properly maintained, then that shouldn’t be a problem. The only extra expense over a normally aspirated 993 is the cost of replacing the turbochargers but, to be fair, these are usually quite reliable. Also, on the whole Turbo owners do look after their cars properly – it’s rare to find one that’s been neglected or abused.

There is an alternative which gives you the looks of the 993 Turbo without the worry, though, and that’s a 993 Carrera S or Carrera 4S. The latter has pretty much the same specification as the Turbo, including a full leather interior, and a good one will also be a safe place to put your money.

Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you’ll have one of the best looking cars ever, and one that will be a joy to drive and to own. And that, at the end of the day, is surely more important than the financial aspects!

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