Porsche sales increase

Porsche sales increase
Porsche sales increase around the world

Porsche has sold 128,978 new cars in the last 11 months – a healthy increase on the previous full year’s figure of 118,868.

Turnover has increased in all regions, most notably the USA, which has seen sales rise by 71.4%. China, meanwhile, is up 63.4% and Europe 13.6%.

No doubt on the back of the new 991, Porsche has seen 911 sales increase by a whopping 91.6% with sales of 2019 cars in November.

So good news all around and an indication that the recession the media keeps telling us about perhaps isn’t all that bad. Furthermore, increased sales of new Porsches will be good news further down the line when these cars seep onto the used market – in recent years there has been a marked shortage of newly-new stock.

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