Porsche emissions – is an old 944 better than a new Boxster?


There’s a lot of talk about environmental issues these days, with manufacturers working hard to make their cars ‘cleaner’ in that they produce less exhaust emissions. Very worthy stuff, but what about all the old cars that are being scrapped? It’s a bit like low-energy lightbulbs – should you throw away all your old filament bulbs and replace them with low energy ones or keep them until they reach the end of their lives before renewing them?

Of course, a lightbulb is, at the end of the day, a disposable item, whereas a car – especially a Porsche – isn’t. It takes a huge amount of energy and resources to create a brand new car, so there must surely be an environmental advantage to keeping old ones going.

It’s an argument that Max Schenker at Porsche parts supplier FrazerPart has been looking at, and he’s produced an interesting blog discussing it. You can read it here.

There have to be some new cars being built, though, to replace those that have become irreparable, to keep the world economy ticking over and, of course, to get us Porsche enthusiasts excited!

What are your thoughts? Do please comment below.


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