Porsche 993 Turbo is the cheapest yet

The Porsche 993 Turbo is one of the most desirable 911s – and for good reason. It’s a lovely looking car with its wide rear arches and wonderful curves, and it’s a tough and reliable piece of engineering with performance that’s still astonishing today. The 993 was the first of the ‘tame’ 911 Turbos, with twin turbochargers and the 408bhp being fed to all four wheels via a six-speed gearbox. It was a very fast car but a refined one, too.

Really good examples of the Porsche 993 Turbo sell for over £50,000 and prices rarely drop below £40,000, such is the demand for the cars.

I was, then, surprised to see this example up for sale for just £30,950 – you can pay more than that for a non-turboed 993! Why’s it so cheap, then? Well, look at the mileage – 138,000 is high in 993 Turbo terms and buyers are obsessed with low-mileage examples. As mileage rises, so prices drop. The blue and grey leather interior will put some people off, too

However, so long as the Porsche has been well looked after, there’s no reason to be scared off by the mileage; it’s a rock-solid engine.  It’s a shame the advertiser put “Final price reduction” as that smacks of desperation – if they’re struggling to sell at this price maybe the car has other problems. Certainly worth investigating further. I could be tempted.

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