Porsches, E-types, Interceptors and time travel…


I’ve just been distracted by, of all things, a graphic novel, or comic if you rather. And, no, there’s not a superhero or a hobbit in sight. It’s about the splendidly named Spencer Haze, car-dealer extraordinaire, who was dumped in a deep freeze in 1973 and woke up in 2000.

Spencer is confused and impressed by modern cars, with their mix of high-tech and retro, and finds his old home is occupied by a good-looking woman (who is less than impressed by his Brut aftershave). He sets out to find out who froze him all those years ago and gets involved in a car-packed adventure which, naturally, includes a couple of Porsches โ€“ a 356 and a 959.

A sort of Life on Mars in reverse, but with more cars, Spencer Haze is the brain-child of motoring writer, car dealer and, now, artist James Ruppert. It’s brilliant and priced at a retro ยฃ1.97. If you like cars and the 1970s, you must buy this ebook!

Click here for more details.ย And below is the no-expense-spared movie trailer… ๐Ÿ™‚

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