Porsche 911 broken door pockets

Here’s one of the most common problems I see in Porsche 911 interiors. The front end of the door pocket is cracked around the mounting screw. It’s so common, that I’m surprised when I find a 911 door pocket that’s not broken!

In the great Porsche 911 scheme of things, it’s no big deal and it’s certainly not up there with IMS failure and rusty inner sills. In fact, many people don’t even realise they’re driving around in a Porsche 911 with such an affliction.

Almost as common as the broken 911 door pocket is the over-sized washer fitted in a vain attempt to hold the crack together, as per this photo. Almost everyone tries this and, invariably it doesn’t help. The shiny plastic of the pocket simply doesn’t have any grip against the washer, and the single self-tapping screw doesn’t have the grunt to put any real pressure on the washer.

A better solution, which I’ve seen, is a neat metal strap that spans the crack. It has a large hole in the middle to take the retaining screw, then a smaller hole at each end, through which is put a smaller self-tapper that screws into the plastic.

You could, of course, fit new pockets but, if you do (or you are lucky enough to have pockets without cracks) make sure you avoid pulling on the pockets when closing the door, or putting too much into them. That way, you should avoid breakages in the future.

OK, this is not the most exciting post ever, but I hope it’s useful. 🙂

There’s another fix someone pointed out here.

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