Why a classic Porsche is a good investment

Good 964s are going up in value

I’ve just written a piece for GT Porsche magazine on investing in classic Porsches. I won’t deluge the details of the article here, you can buy a copy of the magazine here to read it in full, but the gist of it is that an older Porsche can be a decent investment, but just buy carefully

That article concentrated on pre-1989 Porsches, but I also maintain that later models can be a good investment too. Top of my list of ‘hot’ 911s is the 964. I am constantly getting requests for good 964s and each one I have in stock I could sell a dozen times over. The red Carrera 4 I had recently sold before I’d even marketed it fully and I had a queue of keen buyers for it.

The 993 is often touted as a good investment – and it is. However, 993 prices are already strong and there are a reasonable number of good examples out there. By contrast, 964s are still cheaper and good ones are few and far between.

It’s the rare models that investors really like – RSs and the like – but I think that standard models will also at least h0ld their money and are still affordable en0ugh for everyday folk to buy.

And if a 911 is out of your price range, how about a 944? decent examples of the later S2 and the Turbo are going up in value and, again, good ones are rare.

However, I always maintain that Porsche ownership should, first and foremost, be about having fun. If you happen to make a few bob in the process well, that’s a bonus.

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A 944 is pure eighties muscle and a very affordable classic

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  1. Kevin Halsey

    A Porsche doesn’t normally get bought as a retirement present to oneself like a Rover or a Jag. Therefore to find any Porsche from someone who’s passed on that has been serviced and polished to death with low mileage after 25 years is highly unlikely.

    The clever investor, with an eye for a classic, buys the best car that can found when the regular market price has bottomed out. Then if its kept in fine fettle it can only increase or at least retain its value whilst having the fun of ownership.

    PS: I thought your article on “Underrated 911’s” in 911 & Porsche World was nicely written.

    PPS: The Carrera 3.0 buyers guide was also great reading; but it came about 13 years too late for me! I’ve since found and rectified all the pitfalls.

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