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High mileage + Tiptronic = good deal

Further proof here that a 911 with a higher than average mileage and a Tiptronic gearbox can be a good deal. OK, the advert and the photos tell us very little about the car but it’s rare to see a Carrera 4S for under about £23,000. It’s a good colour, on the outside at least, there are no interior photos and, like any C4S, it’s a great-looking car. Tiptronic makes sense in modern traffic, too, and if the car’s been well-maintained, then the mileage wouldn’t bother me.

993 Turbo Roadster?

Here’s an interesting advert. The first thing that struck me was that it’s a 964, not a 993 as stated. Then looking at the engine and the Tiptronic gearlever, it is obviously not a Turbo. I suspect it’s an America Roadster – the US version of our 964 Turbo-Look – although they don’t usually have a Turbo rear wing or ‘Roadster’ badging. However, I think both those things were options. I’m doing some digging to see if I can find out more, but that’s my current thinking. Now, a UK right-hand drive 964 Turbo-Look Cabriolet is a tricky thing to […]

Righting a good advert

Browsing through online classified ads for Porsches, I’m amazed at how poorly worded many of them are. A quick scan today revealed the following howlers: Porssche, Suspensin brace, photographic recored, Competion rear wings And they were all in one advert! Regular mistakes include Artic Silver (that’ll be a big lorry colour, then), Porch (somewhere for your wellies), Zenon headlamps (sounds like a rock musician) and Unique Numberplate (I thought every one was unique). And then there’s the lack of capital letters (tiptronic, carrera, targa)or, even worse, too many capitals (PORSCHE FOR SALE), plus a liberal sprinkling of apostrophes just for good measure (Fuch’s, […]

911SC could be a good investment

A fellow motoring writer Adam Towler sent me this classified ad. A 911 for under £10,000 can be a gamble but first impressions are that this is an honest car. I’m sure it’s not perfect but it does look original and unmessed around – which is becoming increasingly rare with SCs. With buyers preferring original cars, something like this will become increasingly sought after in years to come. So why the price? Well, it may be full of rust which would be sad, but 911 prices are mileage sensitive and this one has over 100,000 miles on the clock. Not […]

GT3 lookalike looks like good value

There’s nothing unusual about early 996s for around £16,000 but you have to tread carefully – some are less than perfect. This car on Pistonheads, though, stands out from the crowd. The GT2 bodykit is something you’ll either love or hate but the big news is the fact it’s had a new engine just 11,000 miles ago. This should have been an updated 3.4 unit with the occasional problems associated with the early cars ironed out. Great peace of mind for a buyer. The service history looks good, too, and the advert’s been sensibly worded. Of course, you can’t judge […]

Some great photos from Total 911

I’ve always insisted in stunning photography in Total 911 – great cars deserve to be portrated beautifully. My friend Ali Cusick is our favoured photographer and, seeing that’s he’s just bought a shiny new Mac and Aperture 3, he’s been playing around and come up with this great slideshow of his favourite images from Total 911. Hope you enjoy it! Annoyingly, my server won’t let me upload the file so hop over to Total 911’s site to watch the video.

Early 911 Turbo – a bargain or a nightmare?

One of my guilty pleasures is browsing through Porsches for sale on Pistonheads. Partly dreaming of cars I’d like to own, and partly looking for bargains that I could own. This early 911 Turbo caught my attention for two reasons. First, because these first 3.0-litre Turbos are relatively rare cars – only about 1500 were built between 1975 and 1977 (of which about 500 were US-spec). They can be identified by their whaletail spoilers which have a main grille that follows the line of the original engine lid plus a secondary grille behind, on the tail itself. It’s a sleeker […]

Is the 964 the next big thing?

Anyone who knows me will know I’m a big fan of the 964-series 911 made from 1989 to 1993. It’s a Porsche that’s had a tough life. In the early days, the engines leaked oil on a regular basis and, although Porsche quickly modified them to solve the problem, the damage was done, and the 964 had a reputation for being troublesome. And then along came the 993, which had no reliability issues and, for many people, was better looking with its sexy curves. The 964 was to always live in the 993’s shadow and, as such, has been cheaper […]

My first post

Well, here’s the first version of my new blog. A huge thanks to Edward at Porsche Heritage for giving up time to help me to iron out some hosting problems. It’s now coming up to 11pm on Friday night and I can’t think of anything intelligent to write so I’m going to leave it at that. Your feedback on the site would be much appreciated – this is the first site I’ve done in WordPress and it’s been a steep learning curve. I’m sure there’s lots of room for improvement! Phil

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