Early 911 Turbo – a bargain or a nightmare?

One of my guilty pleasures is browsing through Porsches for sale on Pistonheads. Partly dreaming of cars I’d like to own, and partly looking for bargains that I could own.

One caught my attention for two reasons.

First, because these first 3.0-litre Turbos are relatively rare cars – only about 1500 were built between 1975 and 1977 (of which about 500 were US-spec). They can be identified by their whaletail spoilers which have a main grille that follows the line of the original engine lid plus a secondary grille behind, on the tail itself. It’s a sleeker wing than the more chunky, intercooler-housing teatray that followed.

Today, these early cars aren’t considered the best Turbos – by modern standards, 260bhp is modest and, by any standards, the brakes weren’t great. But in the mid-1970s, the 911 Turbo created a storm. Here was one of the first turbocharged road cars, with astonishing performance, announced in the middle of a fuel crisis.

With its flared wheel arches and wild rear wing, the 911 Turbo soon became an icon – the poster car for a generation of schoolboys. It’s an important piece of motoring history.

With all that in mind, it’s no wonder that the second thing that caught my attention about this car was the price – £14,995. That’s not a lot of money for a world-changing icon, is it?

But is it any good? Hard to tell from the photos, although the interior looks a bit ropey. However, the ad says that the car’s had £6000 spent on it recently – a photographed receipt suggests a top-end rebuilt and a gearbox rebuild. I’d like to think that money had not been poured into a rust bucket. Without seeing the car in the metal, it’s impossible to comment further. What I will say is, that if you’re local to Gloucestershire, it’d be worth checking this one out.

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  1. TheInfoPreneur

    This to me is my boy hood poster 911, it has to be in black though. Amazing shape, just finding the right one and being prepared to maintain it.

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