993 Turbo Roadster?

Here’s an interesting advert.

The first thing that struck me was that it’s a 964, not a 993 as stated. Then looking at the engine and the Tiptronic gearlever, it is obviously not a Turbo.

I suspect it’s an America Roadster – the US version of our 964 Turbo-Look – although they don’t usually have a Turbo rear wing or ‘Roadster’ badging. However, I think both those things were options. I’m doing some digging to see if I can find out more, but that’s my current thinking.

Now, a UK right-hand drive 964 Turbo-Look Cabriolet is a tricky thing to value, but around £22,000 is realistic. Which means £50,000 very optimistic for this US import unless I’m missing something.

There’s a website all about Turbo-Looks here.

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  1. Turbo-Look Register

    The car is an “America Roadster” ( Carrera 2 Turbo Look Cabriolet ) from Model year 1992. Warranty started in Aug 1993 ! It was delivered without the turbo rear wing and without the Roadster badge ( No Z-Codes from exclusive department ).

    Best from Germany


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