What colour Porsche should you buy?

Porsches come in all sorts of colours, yet the most popular seems to be silver. And why not? Silver Porsches look superb and the shade harks back to the traditional German racing livery. I like silver Porsches.

Yet, some people moan about silver Porsches, arguing that there are simply too many of them. They have a point, there are a lot of silver ones out there and maybe that dilutes the appeal.

The trouble is that silver cars in general are popular. I remember reading a couple of years ago that 40 percent of new cars in the UK were silver and you only have to glance around a supermarket car park to see that sounds realistic.

Silver has a number of benefits. It’s an easy colour to live with as it doesn’t show the dirt too badly, and small scratches don’t show up either. It’s hassle-free to wash, too, as it doesn’t show swirls or drying marks. Compared with a dark-colour, silver wins every time in the practicality stakes.

The other reason people choose silver is that it’s a safe bet when it comes to resale time. Silver Porsches – and other cars – will sell. And that means that often people will spec silver paint for that reason alone. And is that right? Surely you should be buying a car in the colour that you want, not the colour the next owner wants.

So if you’re in the market for a new Porsche and are undecided on colour, ask yourself this question – what colour car do you want to see every morning when you open the garage door? Answer that question honestly and go with that decision. It will be your Porsche you’re buying, not the next owner’s.

And if you answer the question with ‘Silver’ than so be it. If you answer it with ‘Orange’ than go with your heart – and don’t let the dealer talk you out of it!

Tell me this new 991 Cabriolet doesn’t look superb in silver with a red leather interior – the classic German racing livery.

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  1. Tim

    Love my 2007 911S, Silver with black leather. Makes me smile every time Iook at it!

  2. vick

    Absolutely love my 04 996tt in Speed Yellow. Actually had a choice of two other Silver Turbo’s with lower miles but went for the Screaming, look at me, Yellow. Thank you very my much.

    1. Phil

      Good choice. I often see a Speed Yellow 996 C4S on the M27 and it’s stunning 🙂

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