Porsche 993 – a great investment for the Star Wars generation?

Can a standard Porsche 993 Carrera 4 be worth £47,000? That’s double what you’d expect to pay for a reasonable narrow-bodied 993.

I’ve just been sent a link to an interesting blog post by a Porsche 993 owner, Simon Das. He claims that the 993 is the car that ‘the Star Wars generation’ wants – guys in their 30s.

He puts forward the usual argument for the 993 – rock-solid build quality, everything works, there’s not much to go wrong and so on (although his claim that there’s no ‘computer panel to go wrong’ isn’t quite true – that heater control panel is a simple computer and a pricey one at that).

Simon also points out that the 993 is small and unassuming. It’s all good stuff we’ve heard before (hey, I’ve said it), and tops it all by saying that a 993 is a superb investment. Again, I’d not argue with that.

Then he mentioned a 1996 993 Carrera 4 that’s up for sale for £47,000. Whow, it it must be something unusual. Super-low mileage? Nope, it’s a modest 32,146 miles. Wide-bodied S? Wrong, it’s narrow-bodied. Signed in blood by Ferry Porsche? Fraid not. It’s just a very nice example; “the best on the open market” claims the seller.

May the Porsche be with you… 🙂


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