Porsche 964 vs Porsche 996

I’ve spent the weekend driving in around in two interesting Porsches – a 964 Carrera 4 Targa and a 996 Carrera.

Interesting in that both the 964 and the 996 have, at times, been unloved 911s, with reputations for unreliability. Unfair reputations, I should add and, particularly in the case of the 964, people now realise that and prices are on the up. Both the 964 and 996 remain remarkable value for money and, drive one, and you’ll realise that they are, in fact, superb 911s.

The 964 is the perfect combination of classic 911 and modern (ish) technology and is an easy 911 to live with as a weekend toy, or even a daily driver if you really want.

The 996, on the other hand, is the first of the new-generation water-cooled 911s and has none of the compromises of older cars. It’s a Porsche you can happily drive every day – it’s fast, refined and sophisticated.

Which would you choose?



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  1. Carlo


  2. pete

    964 – the 996 was a definate 911 lowpoint

  3. Nuno Caldeira

    964 of course !!! 996 is cheaply made and a Porsche designed in cooperation with Toyota to lower production costs. It has no charisma !

  4. Wendell Wilson

    I owned both. The 964 would be my choice; since the 996 has so many negatives. The 996 is the ugliest Porsche ever made(this includes the 924 etc.). The engine in my 1999 had to be replaced and I am very wary of the entire series(except the 996 Turbo which does have the older reliable engine design). The 964 has the classic lines. The 996 has no lines, classic or otherwise. The cheap rocket buy would be the 996 Turbo; because of engine mentioned above. That is only good thing I can say about 996 series. Best choice go 911 series before 964 or 993 or 997. Good buys on 997s now. I think 993 will always go up, be fun to drive, and can be fixed to last forever.

  5. Adam Foxton

    The 964 and 996 are my 2 favourite Porsche’s, so this is a tough one!
    The 996 cops a lot of unfair criticism (I love the design of it. It is fresh while still retaining that 911 look – the 997 that followed is a hash of this and the 993 – does not work….), and in Australia 996 prices are still way ahead of 964 prices (so not unloved here).
    I would probably choose a 964 today, but tomorrow who knows…….

  6. Adam Foxton

    Seconds thoughts, looking at the 2 cars more closely I would go for the 996!

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