Porsche 911 engines – are they better hidden away?

The new Porsche 991 has upset a few people because you can’t see its engine at all. Open the rear lid and you’re met with a plastic cowling, a couple of small fans and a brace of filler caps. Not very manly, really.

But does it really matter? Owners of these cars are rarely, if ever, going to venture under the hood. If you drive a modern car, of whatever make, I’ll bet you don’t go poking around under the bonnet. I know I don’t.

Also, let’s be honest here, Porsche 911 engines have never been the most exciting things to look at, have they? A Ferrari or Aston Martin engine is often a thing of great beauty and blokes will gladly stand and gaze at one for hours on end. A 911 engine like the 3.2 above, on the other hand, is about as sexy as the inside of a washing machine.

The 911’s engine became even more like a domestic appliance when the water-cooled 996 came along (above). A great engine, undoubtedly, but not a winner in the looks department. Porsche made a bit more of an effort with the 997 by styling the plastic inlet better but, even so, not something to excite.

Still, at least with the old air-cooled engines, you can make them look better. A painted fan and some meaty air filter can make all the difference, as the photo below shows.

What do you think about the appearance of Porsche 911 engines?

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  1. Simon Engevik Fjæreide

    I’ts a beautiful engine! It really cought my eyes!!

  2. Adam Foxton

    Are you kidding! 911 engines, especially the air cooled ones are great looking! These engines should be on display, can you imagine having one sitting in your lounge room 😉
    The thing that spoils the modern ones is all the plastic tubing, ducts and covers – take that away and it is still good looking.
    I for one do look under the bonnet of my car and do some of my own maintenance.
    Next thing you know there will be no engine cover at all, like the Boxster……

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