Porsche 964 Carrera air-conditioning fixed!

I’m selling a lovely Porsche 964 Carrera 4. It’s a stunning car that’s had a lot of money spent on getting it to tip-top condition.

The only thing that let it down was the fact that the air-conditioning didn’t work. The previous owner argued that it wasn’t worth spending money on a system that was never that good in the first place. A sentiment I agree with.

Like him, I assumed that it would cost a lot of money to get the air-con working – and it can, £2000 is not unheard of if there is corrosion in the pipes and condensers.

However, chatting to a dealer friend today, he suggested that maybe it just needed regassing. Now, I’m always sceptical of this as there’s usually a reason that the gas has leaked out in the first place. Still, I took it along to an air-conditioning specialist, who cleaned up the system, lubricated the pump and tested it. A regas proved to be, er, gas-tight and lo and behold, the car’s now blowing lovely cool air. OK, it’s not as icy cold as a modern 997’s but the 964 and 993 air-con was never arctic.

So, there’s a lesson to be learned here – never assume the worst! I’ve now taken a near-perfect 964 even closer to perfection!

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