Porsche997 Black Edition: is it a good buy?

Porsche has revealed a limited edition 997 Carrera called the Black Edition and, as you’d expect, it’s black inside and out. 1911 examples will be built. A similar Black Edition Boxster will be limited to 987 examples.

So far, then, not much to get excited about. However, the Black Edition comes with a good specification within the base price of £67,270 (£74,958 for the Cabriolet). Standard items include Bose Surround Sound System, sat-nav module, Universal Audio Interface (iPod adaptor, basically), Park Assist, cruise control, automatic anti-dazzle interior and exterior mirrors, and rain sensor, plus the aforementioned wheels. To order a standard Carrera coupe to this specification would cost £72,154; so you’re making a useful saving of £4884.

Although it would be easy to dismiss it as nothing more than a marketing exercise to boost the final sales of the 997 before an all-new 911 arrives next year, if you are planning to buy a new 997, then the Black Edition is certainly worth considering, as is the Boxster version. So long as you like black, that is.

But, as ever, I’m wondering how well this will perform on the secondhand market in a few years time and I’m not optimistic. Let’s look at the facts, with 1911 Black Edition 997s and 987 Boxsters on the roads they won’t be rare Porsches like, say, the Sport Classic and there’s nothing particularly special about them apart from a plaque on the glovebox and sill trims that say ‘Black Edition’. They may be a good buy new but, for a secondhand buyer, it’s not going to offer anything over and above any other 997 Carrera or Boxster of the same vintage. And that means used prices of the Black Edition will be no different either.

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