New Porsche 911 – nice car, shame about the key

It seems that not only are cars getting larger, so are car keys.

I was looking around a new Porsche 911 (the 991) earlier today and the first thing that struck me about it was its key. Actually, if the key had struck me, I probably wouldn’t be in a fit state to write this…

You see, it’s huge. It’s a great lump of plastic which, if you use your imagination, looks a bit like a Porsche 911. Why does your key need to resemble your car? So you can drive it around the pub bar, rather than simply slap your Porsche-crested keyring down?

Porsche began this silliness by giving the Cayenne an SUV-shaped (and sized) key, and now it’s spread to the 911 (and the Panamera, too). Why? The key doesn’t do anything more than lock and unlock the car and start the engine.

I wrote about Porsche keys a while ago and claimed that the 996’s was the best-looking Porsche key to date, and that certainly holds true in the light of this new monstrosity. The 996 key looks like a proper key, is small enough to hold in your pocket, doesn’t have any sharp edges and, well, does what it’s meant to do.


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  1. Robert

    I’d love to have that key if it meant that I got the new 911 to go with it!

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