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One of the fun features of the official Porsche site is the ‘Build your own Porsche’ section. Here, you choose the colour and specification of your perfect Porsche – and there are a huge amount of options available. I mean, how could you manage without a leather-covered rear-view mirror?

People talk about cars needing the ‘right’ options so that will sell on the second-hand market and they have a point – a well specced car will shift quicker than a more basic one. There are some options which are regarded as essential – 18-inch wheels on a 996 in favour of the weedy-looking 17s, for instance – but most you should take on face-value.

If you do buy a used Porsche with a basic spec you will not only grab yourself a bargain, you may also end up with a car that’s more fun to drive.

Some years ago, I had a lovely 997 Carrera on loan from Porsche (that’s it below). It had the smaller 3.6-litre engine (in itself more willing than the 3.8 but that’s another story), no sunroof, no electric seats, no PASM, no trick interior trim, just Sport suspension. And it remains to this day one of my favourite 997s. It felt so pure and so, well, 911-like. A real back-to-basics car that reminded me of what 911s are all about.

And today, on my drive, I have another similar car. I’ve not had the chance to drive it much yet, but first impressions are good. I’ll report back soon.

In the meantime, don’t get hung up on those options – except, of course, a heated steering wheel and Porsche logos embossed in the headrests…

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  1. TheInfoPreneur

    get that new one photographed and on here Phil!

    Quick question as a driver (I like to think my training allows me to boast the fact that I am a proffesional drive, anyway back to my point) does the wheel size affect the handling? I know there is a big debate on the BMW m3’s that the 18’s make the car handle better than 19’s, just wondered if you had a thought on whether it applies to the 911?

    1. Phil

      I was discussing this with someone yesterday – I’ve never seen, let alone driven, a 997 with the standard 18-in wheels!

      The main advantage of smaller rims is that the high tyre sidewall gives a more forgiving ride.


  2. TheInfoPreneur

    Yeah maybe it would make an interesting article for t911, I know my opinion on it, it’s similar to the manual versus tip tronic arguement, I can drive it harder and smoother in manual, tiptronics are good but it does take that clutch control away that sometimes is very usefull

    1. Phil

      Good plan, just need to find a 997 with 18-inch wheels… 🙂

  3. Suhasini

    Cool blog on porsche though I do not own one and have Suzuki but loved the way you have designed this blog. Will check back for more here.

  4. Mo

    Came here from TheInfoPreneur. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never owned a Porsche, driven a Porsche, I’m not sure if I’ve even touched a Porsche, but since I was about five all I’ve wanted to drive (in a dream world) is a black 911. Probably bare bones, I mean seriously, who gives a damn about the leather coating of the rearview mirror when you can feel that baby beneath you?!

    1. Phil

      Thanks for taking the time to visit. You need to get yourself a Porsche soon! See my latest blog entry – it may inspire you!



  5. Ralph

    My wife’s car is a 1986 944 which she maintains badly but still has great looks and I have always loved the sound which is like no other car I ever heard. At this point in my life I don’t like cramming myself into low slung cars but I have begun thinking that I would like to have a Cayenne because it would be easy to get into and still a Porsche. What advice would you give?

    1. Phil

      The 944 is a great car but won’t have much value now, so maybe keep it for your wife.
      With regard to Cayennes, I love them and early ones are remarkably good value for money. Generally tough and reliable cars, too, but bear in mind fuel consumption is heavy and residual value is likely to be low.


  6. Matthew Needham

    I drove a Cayman S at Millbrook in both 18″ and 19″ versions on the same bit of track. Without question handling was much better on 19″ on the banked circuit. 18″ wheels gave a not imperceptible ‘bounce’at speed. In fact the confidence of the 19″ wheels allowed you to drive faster.

    With regard the Cayenne, I think this is seriously underated bit of kit. I was stunned when I drove one and the handling is fantastic. My only slight disappointment is that you become best friends with the guy who owns the petrol station.

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