Is a Porsche 991 £88,000 better than a 996 Carrera 4S?


A friend on Twitter has just posted that his dream Porsche 991 Carrera 4S would cost him a total of £110,000 if he bought it on finance. A full £12,000 of that is interest and the deal involves putting down a £10,000 deposit then paying off £2300 a month for  two years. It’s actually not a bad deal from a finance point of view, I guess, but only if you can afford to swallow the costs without a struggle.

It got me thinking, though, you can get a Porsche 996 for the price of the deposit, although I’d recommend spending a little bit more – £12,000 is a sensible figure for an early 996. Which, by coincidence is the total interest on the 991 deal.

This deal was for a Carrera 4S and we have a 996 Carrera 4S for sale at £19,995. It’s one of the last 996s made, and is in superb condition with a fully documented service history. Details here. It is pretty much, to all intents and purposes, as good as new. You have to ask yourself, does a new 991 really £90,000 better? And the answer has to be, no.

We can also sort out a finance package for you.

Food for thought.


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