Can you use a Porsche 964 every day?

Yesterday I had a long drive in a very nice Porsche 964 and, as I was cruising along the motorway it occurred to me that the 964 remains a 911 that you could quite happily live with and enjoy using on a daily basis. The interior feels and looks relatively modern and comfortable, the heating system is simple to follow (unlike on earlier 911s), there’s power steering (the first 911 to boast it), plenty of useable power and, on the Carrera 4, four-wheel drive.

Then, I caught stuck in traffic and took the opportunity to check my email. Bizarrely, I had a message from someone asking me if I thought it was possible to use a Porsche 964 every day!

The answer, of course, was yes. To my mind, the 964 was the first Porsche 911 that remains a sensible choice for a daily driver. Older 911s (and some may disagree) are too compromised in terms of comfort and modern convenience and are better kept for weekends and high days.

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  1. Sinclair

    I do like a nice Cup wheel 🙂 Still a very pretty car, the 964.

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