993 Turbo or Carrera 4S?

When I saw the title of this advert I was puzzled. How could a 993 be both a Carrera 4S and a Turbo?

A Turbo has, as you’d expect, a turbocharged engine while the Carrera 4S has the Turbo wide bodyshell but a normally aspirated engine.

Looking at the advert in more detail, I realised that this was, in fact, a Carrera 4S which has been treated to a turbocharged engine conversion – I suspect it’s had a 993 engine dropped in, rather than turbos being added to the standard engine, although that’s not made clear.

Disregarding the fact that something can’t be ‘very unique’, this is an interesting car. However, why choose this over a genuine 993 Turbo? Well, if it really produces 450bhp then that’s 42bhp more than a standard Turbo. It’s also cheaper than the real thing, although not much.

And that brings me on to value. What is a car like this worth? Well, you can happily pay £50,000 for a 993 Turbo, although you’d be getting a later and possibly lower mileage example. A 993 Carrera 4S in standard form, meanwhile, would be mid-thirties for a good one. So, if this car’s a good ‘un then I reckon it’s realistically priced, although I’d be happier getting it for £35,000. After all, modified cars such as this always have a limited appeal so it’s never going to be as easy to sell as a standard Porsche.

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