Save the environment – drive a Porsche

Here’s a fanciful story for you. Far, far away, on the planet Gerg, there’s an environmental disaster going on. Why? Because people get bored with their homes very quickly and, every couple of years, they move to a brand-new one. Their old houses plummet in value and so get snapped up by less wealthy people but, soon, they too move away, wanting the prestige of a new house with the latest fashions in soft furnishings. So the old houses, most of which are perfectly good, become worthless and get bulldozed to make room for new ones.

The house-builders are, of course, making a fortune and have realised that they don’t have to build their houses very well because they don’t need to last more than a few years.

Sounds silly? Well, that’s exactly what most of us do with our cars! For the full story of how you can change your car buying mentality, read my eBook, You Can Drive a Porsche. Even if you don’t want a Porsche, it can make you save money by becoming a Clever Car Buyer.

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