Why buy a Dacia when you can buy a Porsche for £6000?

The big motoring news today is that the Dacia Sandero will be the UK’s cheapest new car at just £5995. That’s all very well but would you want one? The name alone is enough to put me off, and just look at it! The residuals won’t be good either, with used buyers staying well clear in a couple of years.

Would you buy this instead of a Porsche?

No, for the same money you could buy yourself a Porsche. Not a 911, granted, you’ll need twice that amount for one of those, but how about one of the below?

An early Boxster is great value for money


£6000 will get you a decent example of an early Porsche Boxster, but do be wary of cars for less than that, they’re likely to be tired. Find a nice one and the mid-engined open-top Boxster is a lot of fun and still looks good today. It’s the bargain modern Porsche anyone can afford.

The 944 is a classic Porsche in the making


The same budget gives you a good choice of the entry-level Porsche from the 1980s. Mean styling, superb handling and practicality – it even has a hatchback – makes this a modern classic you could easily use every day. Choose a later S2 model or even, if you’re lucky, you’ll find a Turbo at this price – the bargain supercar.

The 928 still looks good today – imagine what it was like in the 1970s!


This is a bit of a wildcard as cheaper 928s can be troublesome, so you need to know what you’re looking for. However, I reckon good 928s, even early ones, are getting more sought after and could be a good investment. Maybe not a car you’d want to use every day though…

For more information on affordable Porsche ownership click here. 

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  1. steven cross

    Yes I know what your saying the Porsche every time, BUT if you just want a new car with a 3 year warranty no MOTs and just a work horse the Sandero is a good choice too. For example I own a 3.2 Jaguar XJ8 which is great for cruising round at the weekend but just not practical for the normal day to day driving that I have to do for work. some times I can make a 250 mile round trip in 1 day. To do this in the jag would cost a fortune in petrol plus the wear and tear on the car could cost me a small fortune so I use a Suzuki Alto for my working days. Cheap to buy (5995 for mine brand new), Cheap to run and maintain. I guess what I’m saying is if your only using your can to do a few miles a week you can buy some fantastic cars for 6000. But if you have a lot of miles to cover and want the protection of a warranty and no Mots for 3 years then to buy new and cheap must be a good idea?. If your lucky enough to be able to both even better.

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