What, an oil leak after an engine rebuild?

Had a long chat with a chap who was disappointed to find that his 964 engine had an oil leak after an expensive rebuild. While I can understand his upset, I explained that a 911 engine is a complex machine and even the best mechanics don’t always get it right the first time. I remember a Porsche specialist telling me that, even after rebuilding 911 engines for 20 years, he still has his heart in his mouth every time he starts up a rebuilt engine and checks for leaks.

It turned out that the offending leak was caused by a cam cover and the specialist who did the work was happy to rectify the problem, as I would expect them to.

So while I’m not condoning shoddy workmanship (which this wasn’t) you do have to be realistic and expect the odd teething problem when you get complex work done, such as an engine rebuild. It’s a bit like buying a brand-new house and having to have some snagging work done.

Once suitably snagged, this gentleman’s engine should be good for another 20 years.

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