Too much choice

Just had a chap on the phone who wants to buy a 911 but has no idea what to get.
As ever, I began by asking how he planned to use the car and what his budget was.
He said he was looking for a fun car to do about 4000 miles a year in, and he wanted to spend between £18,000 and £25,000.
My first reaction was 993 – a reliable and easy to live with Porsche that will hold its value and be a lot of fun.
However, talking more, it seemed that he wanted to get right back to basics, and get away from the electronics and sophistication of modern cars.
That, then, prompted me to suggest a 3.2 Carrera. Also an easy to live with 911 that will hold its value but with more of classic feel than the 993.
I think maybe he could have been tempted by something even older but when he explained that the car would live outside on the drive, then I steered him away from such thoughts. A 3.2 is a tough cookie that can cope with living outside.
My final advice was for the caller to go and try driving some aircooled 911s. He’d only even driven 996s and 997s, and the older 911s do feel very different – they’re not for everyone.

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