Pre purchase inspection

Have you found a Porsche you’d like to buy? We undertake a thorough inspection on your potential purchase, in our service department, to equip you with a thorough report on the vehicle’s history and condition.

If you’ve just bought a Porsche, bring it into to us for a post-purchase inspection to ensure that it’s in the best possible condition.

A borescope inspection is recommended on watercooled cars to ensure that there is no significant or damaging levels of scoring.

Our inspections are thorough and we shall talk it over with you, to giving sensible and helpful advice on any issues that require attention.

Pre-purchase inspection:

  • Fluids and on ramp checks – 26 checks
  • User electronic tests – 27 checks
  • Warning light checks – 15 checks
  • Technical checks – 18 checks
  • Visual checks – 8 checks
  • Road test and operational checks – 10 checks
  • Tyre checks – 4 checks

£250.00 + VAT

Borescope Inspection:

We will provide a visual report of the bores with a write up to explain what you can see and whether the car is showing anything problematic or untoward. This will be undertaken on all cylinders.

£200.00 + VAT

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