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From IMS bearing upgrades to air-conditioning regas. Here are just some of the other services we offer. Please get in touch on ‭01243 780389‬ ‭or fill in the form below for more information.

Health Check

Bring your car to us for a health check and we will look over it with a fine-tooth comb.

We will advise on things we think should be done sooner rather than later (if any), things to keep an eye on in the future, and trivial discrepancies.

We will also detail what’s good about your car!

A health check prior to an MoT is advised to ensure no advisories or failures on the car’s MoT history.

£85.00 +VAT

Air-conditioning re-gas

Over time air-conditioning systems can lose gas for a variety of reasons. This can happen due to age, leaks or if your condensers need replacing due to corrosion (very common on Porsches so we always check them). 

We have a state of the art machine that will regas your air-conditioning while you wait – maybe with a coffee in your hand!

£85.00 +VAT

Key replacement

Keys often go missing and when they do we always suggest getting a second key made up. 

£295.00 +VAT

IMS Bearing upgrades

IMS bearing failure is very rare, despite what you read online! 

The original bearing installed by Porsche is a sealed bearing. The reason people often say if it is going to fail, it will go before 30,000 miles (which isn’t strictly true), is because, eventually, the seal on the bearing breaks up. When this happens, the plastic dissipates harmlessly. Now the bearing is an open bearing and, as a result, gets lubricated with oil from the engine.

When the IMS bearing fails, it’s usually when its still running as a sealed bearing and has dried up, causing it to fail.

If the IMS bearing is something you would like to do for peace of mind, then it’s something we are happy to advise on.

While replacing the IMS bearing it is usually worth replacing the clutch and RMS (rear main seal), as there is minimal extra labour involved to changes these at the same time. 

The costs of IMS replacement are as follows:

                                          Manual:      Tiptronic:

  • Boxster 986/987:      £1400.00        £1,450.00
  • 996/997 C2:               £1600.00        £1885.00
  • 996/997 C4:               £1750.00        £1,900.00

All prices exclusive of VAT

Diagnostic scan

Whether it’s a service light you want clearing or a fault you need reading, we have the proper Porsche diagnostic equipment to do so.

£55.00 +VAT

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