Philip Raby, Porsche specialist

Philip Raby
Philip Raby

I’m Philip Raby and I’ve been obsessed with cars since I was a young boy, and from an early age developed an affinity with Porsches, particularly 911s.

I spent my teenage years rebuilding various cars from the ground up, learning how they work and what goes wrong.

Many years ago, I was an avid reader of a new magazine, 911 & Porsche World. I approached the editor and offered my services as a writer and photographer. I went on to be Associate Editor of 911 & Porsche World for seven years. I then left to launch my own magazine, Total 911 which I later sold to a large publishing company and remained as editor until the end of 2011, when I decided it was time to concentrate on Philip Raby Porsche, although I do still write articles for magazines, mainly GT Porsche which I have a regular column in, and websites, including my own popular Porsche blog. I’ve also done some television work with Porsches, and written some books.

I’ve always championed the underdog with Porsches. I bought and wrote about 964s back in the days when they were unloved (they’re now hot property!) and seem to be doing the same with the 996 – a great Porsche – and now the 997.

I’ve also written countless buyers’ guides on Porsches, helping people to make an informed choice when looking for a car.

Outside of work, I’m married with two great children and live in Chichester on England’s south coast, where I enjoy sailing, mountain biking and road cycling.

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