Hire purchase

Hire Purchase is the simplest way to finance your car, spreading the cost over time – and at the end of the agreement youwill own the vehicle.
Everything about Hire Purchase is straightforward, including the process:

▪ You decide on the vehicle you want.
▪ Choose the repayment period that’s right for you (between 24 and 60 months typically).
▪ Agree a deposit and regular payment to suit your budget.
▪ At the end of the agreement, provided you have paid all the necessary payments, the car is yours to keep.

Benefits of Hire Purchase
▪ At the end of the agreement with all the regular payments having been made, you own the car.
▪ Fixed regular payments spread over an agreed period, so you will always know what you will be paying and it’s easy to budget.
▪ No mileage restrictions.
▪ Available on almost all cars (although age restrictions do apply with certain lenders).