Porsche 911 Turbo (997 gen1)


997 Turbo

The 997 Turbo was an impressive continuation of the line, taking performance and handling to new heights.

At the heart of the new car was essentially the same 3.6-litre flat six of the 996 Turbo, but producing 480bhp – a 60bhp increase. This was mainly thanks to a pair turbochargers with Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) that effectively gives you the best characteristics of both small and larger turbochargers.

VTG has adjustable guide blades controlling the air entering the turbo. At low engine speeds, the blades close to form small openings. The exhaust gas flowing through such a small cross-section is accelerated before it hits the turbine wheel with a high level of energy. As engine speed increases, the guide blades open to allow more exhaust gases to flow through unrestricted and thus regulate the turbocharger pressure to such an extent that no wastegate is required. The car’s Motronic engine management system controls the blades so efficiently that they can go from open to closed in about 100 milliseconds.

The 997 Turbo also benefited from PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) and PTM (Porsche Traction Management), the latter used for the first time on a 911.

Another first was the fact that the 997 Turbo accelerated faster with a Tiptronic S transmission than it did with manual. the 997 Turbo Tiptronic S, which I’m driving today, will hit 62mph (100km/h) in just 3.7 seconds, and takes 7.8 seconds to reach 100mph (160km/h). The manual-transmission is slightly slower at 3.9 seconds and 8.4 seconds, respectively.

The Turbo is available in soft-top form with a fully electrically operated hood.

Capacity: 3600cc
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Maximum power: 480bhp at 6000rpm
Maximum torque: 620Nm at 1950-5000rpm (With Overboost: 680Nm from 2100-4000rpm)
Brakes: 350mm discs front and rear, dual circuit, servo assisted with ABS
Suspension: Front: Lower wishbones and MacPherson struts with combined coil springs and dampers, plus anti-roll bar
Rear: Multilink with combined coil springs and dampers, plus anti-roll bar
PASM as standard
Wheels & tyres: Front: 8.5Jx19 with 235/35/ZR19 tyres; Rear: 11Jx19 with 305/30/ZR19 tyres
Length: 4450mm
Width 1852mm
Weight: 1585kg (manual coupé) 1620kg (Tiptronic coupe)
0-62mph (100km/h): 3.9 sec (Tiptronic: 3.7 sec)
Top speed: 192mph