Porsche 356A 1500GS Carrera GT


A lighter and more powerful Carrera, thanks to aluminium doors, bonnet and engine cover, plastic rear windows, plus an uprated engine that developed 110bhp. It was available with front seats only.

Engine: Rear-mounted, air-cooled flat-four with double overhead camshafts and two Solex 40 PII downdraft carburettors
Capacity: 1498cc
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Bore and stroke: 85x66mm
Maximum power: 110bhp at 6400rpm
Maximum torque: 124Nm at 5200rpm
Transmission: Four speed manual driving the rear axle
Brakes: Front: 280x40mm drums; rear: 280x40mm drums
Suspension: Front: Two swinging arms with two transverse torsion bar springs, telescopic dampers and anti-roll bar; Rear: Swing axles with torsion bar springs and telescopic dampers
Wheels & tyres: Front: 4.5Jx15 with 5.90/15 tyres 4.5Jx15 with 5.90/15 tyres
Length: 3950mm
Width 1670mm
Weight: 865kg
0-62mph: 11.0sec
Top speed: 124mph