Porsche 356/2 Coupe and Cabriolet


Porsche built another 52 cars at Gmünd and these were more like the full production 356s that would follow in 1950.

Ferry Porsche adopted his father’s preferred rear-engined layout which gave better interior space, at the expense of handling finesse.

The first of these cars was a coupe although a Cabriolet followed. The hand-formed aluminium bodyshell sat on a steel box-section chassis.

The engine was initially a 1131cc flat-four, although the capacity was later dropped to 1086cc to fit current motorsport categories.

Engine: Rear-mounted, air-cooled flat-four with two Solex 26 VFI downdraft carburettors
Capacity: 1086cc
Compression ratio: 7.0:1
Bore and stroke: 73.5x64mm
Maximum power: 40bhp at 4000rpm
Maximum torque: 64Nm at 3300rpm
Transmission: Four speed manual driving the rear axle
Brakes: Front: 230x30mm drums; rear: 230x30mm drums
Suspension: Front: Two parallel arms with torsion bars and single-action dampers; Rear: Oscillating half-through spring stays with torsion bars and double-action dampers
Wheels & tyres: Front: 30Dx16 with 5.00/16 tyres 30Dx16 with 5.00/16 tyres
Length: 3870mm
Width 1660mm
Weight: 680kg
0-60mph: 23.5sec
Top speed: 87mph

Porsche built Coupe and Cabriolet versions of these early, hand-made 356s.