Why a Porsche 964 is a good buy

The Porsche 964 is hot news at the moment, with good examples appreciating in value. This is great to see as, just a few years ago, the 964 was unloved and unwanted, as people said it suffered from oil leaks and other mechanical woes.

Now, though, the few cars that had problems have been sorted out and the Porsche 964 is beginning to be appreciated for what it is – a superb mix of classic and modern 911.

Classic, in that it retains the original 911 side profile with the high front wings (the last 911 to have this before the restyled 993 came along), albeit with more modern bumpers.

Modern, in that it boasts four-wheel drive (in Carrera 4 guise), power steering and ABS (the 964 was the first 911 to have the latter two refinements), plus a revamped interior with a sporty short gearlever and conventional heater controls.

The 964 was built from 1989 to 1993, while the world was suffering from an economic recession. Porsche struggled to sell cars at this time so fewer 964s were built than the 993 that followed, which alone makes the 964 the rarer car. What’s, during the time the 964 was unpopular, many examples were neglected, scraped or extensively modified, while the more popular 993 was cherished and loved. That means that, today, good examples of 964s are few and far between (in fact, there aren’t even that many bad ones!). Therefore, then, there are far less 964s around than there are 993s. What’s more, values of 964 RSs and 964 Turbos have rocketed in recent years, and that’s having a knock-on effect on other 964s.

The rarity of the 964, plus the appeal of its shape and technology, is why good examples of the model are appreciating in value.


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