White Porsches are cool again


Have you noticed that white cars are back in fashion? And it’s usually sporty models that come in this shade.

I remember white being the in-colour back in the 1980s – I think the Golf GTi started the trend with its cool white paintwork with red accents. Indeed, I owned a white Peugeot 205 1.9 GTi in the same style, complete with bright red seat belts and carpets. It looks the business!

Then, all of a sudden, white cars went completely out of fashion, to the extent that dealers avoided them at all costs. I remember white 911s actually being marked down in value on the used market because no one wanted them.

Today, though, it’s come full circle. White is cool again. As before, though, it’s sporty models that often work best in white – take a 997 GT3 RS for example.

That said, a white 964 – like the one I sold recently (see photo) can also look wonderful.

White’s a practical colour, too. It’s not metallic so it’s easy to look after and retouch, and it doesn’t show marks as badly as a black car (the worst shade to keep looking good). Yes, it sounds odd, but white doesn’t show the dirt as much as black!

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